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Dear Diary|| A True Best Friend

Well.. I don’t know where to start, I have known this day was coming for years but I never knew how I was going to feel. I can honestly say my heart is broken.

My nan and I shared a special bond, not just a NAN, she was a second mum, a best friend, the person I would religiously call daily over any of my other family members. She was my true number one fan and always loved hearing what I got up to, she always listened to me rambling on for hours. I remember seeing her just yesterday knowing that she would pass just after, I had a strange feeling.. My mum said she had waited to see me then she knew she could go.

She was the type of person that never wanted for anything, give her a dance floor, a drink and she was happy. A little naughty at times too, constantly checking out men and she loved the attention!

Sorry I know this post is probably completely out of context with my blog the ‘FASHIONDIARIES’ but it definitely helps to write and share things. My Nan was definitely a queen of FASHION, I was always styling her with my different outfits and she loved it, up until a few days before she passed she still wanted lipstick on, she loved a MAC one I gave her.

Everyone always said we were like two peas in a pod and we were, a little ditzy but clued up underneath it all and I hope a part of her lives on in me forever. I am so glad she got to see what I achieved last year but I hope this year is going to be even better, I will still be sharing it all with her.

I have lots coming up this month, I have just confirmed a contract with REVLON which my Nan was over the moon about as this was one of her favourite MAKE-UP brands so I want to just carry on as this is what she would have wanted. I am just checking out for a few days but I will be back soon and I can’t wait to share with you all what I have planned this year.


Amy x