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Dear Diary|| An EVENING with..

I have always LOVED the High Street Store ‘RIVER ISLAND’ (think I need a loyalty card)…. so when they asked me if I wanted to hold ‘an evening with’ and invite some of you guys down it was a very quick.. YES!!


I am going to be honest in saying that public speaking has never been something I have been super confident in doing, I was always the one at school that would pray they wouldn’t ask me to do it..! BUT they always say ‘throw yourself in the deep end’ and its true.. I actually LOVED it, talking to a room full of you BABES about something I’m super passionate about was just an amazing feeling, I was actually a little overwhelmed too of how many of you came down (LOVE YAAA ALL)


I must mention my lovely friend GILES too who runs the RIVER ISLAND STYLE STUDIO at the Marble Arch store where the event was held..sometimes you just click with people.. he understands my CRAZINESS!! We met earlier in the year when I first went down to the style studio and it’s funny looking back now because when I went in I thought ‘OH GOD’ this guy hates me! But then I started chatting and he couldn’t shut me up.. and that was it… MATES!!!

Also a mention to this mega babe ‘REBECCA SPENCER’ who I held the evening with, she shoots a lot of my blog content and we have become good friends along the way… she is another one who understands how scatty I am. I always turn up with a million different outfits, I call it the ‘MARY POPPINS BAG’! She is used to it now (its never just 3 outfits)

image2-95 image2-96

I did want to get this post up earlier as the event was actually last week but I have just moved house (so forgive me) currently in my local STARBUCKS writing this for you all as my WIFI is not set up yet… NIGHTMARE!

Tomorrow morning I am catching a flight to MONTENEGRO with an overflowing case full of RIVER ISLAND ‘Summer Wear’ so I will be doing a post on all my current FAVES which I will post here for you all next week!

There will be lots more events so I hope to see you all soon and thank you soooo much to all of you who came down!

P.S if you didn’t manage to make it down you can watch the evening on RIVER ISLAND’S Facebook page.


Amy x