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Dear Diary|| REVLON GAL & my Modelling Story…

Soooo is it okay to sometimes feel a little proud of yourself… walking in to SUPERDRUG yesterday I can say I FINALLY did.


I am super happy and lucky to be working with REVLON on their campaign this year especially after numerous knockbacks throughout my ‘Modelling career’. I have constantly been told I was too short, not edgy enough, too smiley and I can finally prove that if you believe in yourself enough and your happy to put in the hard work, dreams do happen! (as cliche as that sounds)..

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I remember going in to agencies about 10 years ago and Modelling agencies basically looking me up and down and barely giving me 2 mins to speak to them, I feel I have proved quite a few people wrong, NOT that it is ever about that but it makes you think..

What I wish I had realised all those years ago though was MODELLING is NOT about being the prettiest, best looking girl…it’s all about character, being creative and finding your niche in the industry. I realised mine was smiling so I ran with that and decided to stop trying to be edgy and be the ‘girl next door’ which is the real me. This did me all kinds of favours over the years with my career. Commercial modelling pays the bills.. as I am sure a lot of other models would agree with me!

EDITORIALS generally DO NOT.. I had one disaster I will never forget and I have to share with you all. I was talked in to doing an ‘EDGY’ shoot with an agency I was with at the time for no pay just the images, which seems crazy but when you are starting out and really trying to prove yourself to the MODEL BOOKERS you will do anything.. (NOT) what I should have done looking back! I turned up to this shoot in the middle of no where to be told I would have glue in extensions put in my hair but that they would be easy to remove and ‘apparently’ all the supermodels had them for shoots and I was stupid if I thought they would mess up my hair. The Hair stylist on the shoot convinced me they would be easy to remove and I had a whole team looking at me basically giving me no choice but to agree. Well after the shoot the ‘INDIVIDUAL EXTENSIONS’ wouldn’t come out at all and the hair stylist advised ‘CUTTING’ them out!!! I was left with hacked hair which was all different lengths in the middle of no where.. a young, innocent 19 year old girl just trying to prove I was a good model! I now look back and feel angry at some of the situations I have been put in by agents/model bookers and other people in the industry along the way BUT it has made me stronger and work harder to get where I am.

I hope this year there are going to be many more ‘feel proud’ moments as I really have worked non-stop and I do believe hard work pays off even if it takes 10 years or more haha!

Please do feel free to email me anytime hello@amynevfashiondiaries.com or insta DM me as I would love to hear from you, especially any girls who are aspiring models who want any advice! I know the FASHION world can be a scary place when you first start out so I am more than happy to help/chat…

My campaign is out in Superdrug stores and BOOTS next week. I am going to be working alongside REVLON all this year so I can’t wait to share all the images with you babes..


Amy x