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I began modelling over 13 years ago and I have always had a huge love for fashion. Back in the early days of Instagram, I began sharing my personal style ‘outfit posts' rather than how I was being styled on a ‘shoot basis' for campaigns. As a model, you are a canvas and vision of what the brand wants to create. I wanted to start sharing my own creativity so launching my Fashion Diaries was the perfect way to enable this.

I have been lucky enough to have been flown around the world by so many amazing brands with my job, along with doing billboards, campaigns, collaborations with brands, as well as my own collections; but this hasn't come without 8-9 years of hard work and graft, I had so many setbacks but I was determined to succeed in what is known as a very 'cut-throat' industry.

I had the idea of the ‘Diary' aspect while I was on set for a campaign and that was how the Fashion Diaries was born. A model and blogger seemed to tie hand-in-hand; especially as I saw the industry starting to change. At castings, you regularly quoted your Instagram handle and brands began to look there more than your agency's online portfolio. I believe this is because they want to see your own creativity too. If I was a brand, I would do the same and probably more so than through an agency because how they portray you and how you portray yourself are two very different things. I learnt this after many years and that's why I took things into my own hands.

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone who follows me is 'confidence is key' - and this goes for any industry. You have to believe you are good at what you do and then clients buy into you. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

Having my Fashion Diaries is like having a daily diary of all my styles. I adore being creative and getting to do this for so many brands has always been my dream.

I really do have the best job; but it hasn't come without 'blood, sweat and tears'. No one becomes successful without a story of how they got there. It has taken me 13 years to get where I am and I was never going to give up.

This is only the start of my Fashion Diaries journey and I can't wait to take you all on the next chapter.