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Amy Neville

Create a vision board

6 April 2020 5m

I hope you are all keeping well during this stay at home period, sending lots of love to you all! I have always believed in turning a negative into a positive and I feel this is a time for us to all reflect on what’s important in life, I think we are all guilty of living in the rat race and I myself go at 100 miles an hour constantly so I have found this time a little strange, not getting my regular flow of emails daily, not being able to travel for shoots or do meetings with brands but I am being creative in other ways. I am currently doing my house up at the moment @amynevhousediaries so I have been busy focusing on that and getting bits done at home as well as finally having spare time to film video content which you have all been asking for.

I wanted to write this post for you all because during this time off at home I would highly recommend putting together A VISION BOARD – either on paper, typing it or even having it in your mind, I was stood making dinner this evening and jumped on my laptop straight away because I wanted to share this idea with you all before I forgot- I do that a lot, if I don’t write it down straight away my mind moves onto something else….anyone else guilty of that…

A VISION BOARD is good for goals, I have always written mine down or had a list of things I wanted to do before a certain age etc, not that everything in life always goes to plan but given what I had written down mine is going just how I expected, if not better. My goals give me the drive to keep going and keep striving for more.

I set myself a goal with my modelling career to be on billboards, to shoot a worldwide make up campaign and travel to places in the world with my job and I have managed to make all of them happen in 2 years. I was so determined to be noticed by the right creatives in my industry and to stand out and I feel proud to say I did that and am still continuing to do so.

My second goal was to purchase a property without any help from parents but through my own hard work which I did last year as well as being in a position to purchase a second investment property in London which I also made happen- however I have decided to hold off on purchasing the investment property until the end of this year when I have finished doing my current place as I want to focus on my home first and getting it just how I want it to be, furniture, interior wise, then I can take on my next project.

I remember living on my own 2 years ago renting my beautiful flat but always wanting more- I wanted to travel more, have a property of my own and get my dream car and within 2 years I had my goals in sight and I worked super hard to get them all. I feel so content now but I will never stop wanting more- If you’re a worker you won’t ever stop- I have so many things I want to do yet and they are all on my vision board which helps me keep the drive, especially being freelance you need this!

It doesn’t always need to be material things but having the house and car were my own things I wanted to have (mainly for security) I had it in my goals to make myself independent and I think that is one of the reasons I am so content now, I have security through no one but myself and that is the best feeling. I would love to think I empower more women to feel they can do this too whatever business you are in. I took my modelling career into my own hands and turned it all around purely being creative and sharing imagery in a way I wanted to be portrayed and shot rather than how agents wanted me to be.

I think it works well with savings too I set myself goals of how much I wanted to have in my savings accounts each year, it’s a good way of doing it, a lot of people underestimate the power of having goals in their life it really does help the drive to get what you want. I don’t believe when people say ‘oh but I can’t do that’ everyone has the ability to do anything if your determined and want it enough, plus knock backs should make you stronger not put you off, the most successful people in business thrive off having a knock back and coming back with something even bigger and better!

Another goal I had was to stop caring what others thought, it’s made me much happier, I have had people judge me in the past saying your only a model- its all about what you look like and they couldn’t be more wrong- my job involves being good in business, it’s never just being a ‘pretty face’ as some would say, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes if you want to be successful and this is relevant in any industry. I always think you shouldn’t comment on something you know little about.

I hope you all start thinking about doing your vision boards during this time and send me on instagram if you do would love to see and share on @amynevfashiondiaries

I know the FASHION for this STAY AT HOME period is loungewear so my ‘LOUNGEWEAR EDIT’ I put together is on Shein website at the moment which you can check out with this link.

I think we should all use this time to of course stay safe and wash our hands and be healthy, but also to re-assess life and what you want from it. It has definitely made me think that I want to take more time out to spend with my parents and siblings more regularly that I do as I get so wrapped up in work and maybe start a family of my own.

Take care and I have lots more blogs coming soon.. I will try and write every other day for you all during this period. Stay safe, Love Amy x

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