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Amy Neville

Dyson Airwrap: Why you need one for Christmas

22 November 2018 2m

Lets talk all things HURRR..

So last night I was invited to the DYSON AIRWRAP launch, I was super excited to go along and find out more about this product which has got all us girls talking.

I am already a HUGE fan of DYSON products, I have the fan in my house for summer months, the hoover and also the hairdryer (which to add my boyfriend uses daily too).. think I need to just buy him his own! I wanted to write this post to share WHY I think this product has got all us girls going a little crazy and panicking that it has SOLD OUT (don’t worry it hasn’t sold out everywhere) keep reading and I will explain where you can buy.

Not only does it have all you need to take you from wet shower girl to glam VS girl in minutes BUT you don’t need to be using a million different tools because this product is an ‘ALL IN ONE’.. and lets be honest on we all like convenience, I know I do!

I have used countless curling wands and have actual scars (no joke) on my hands from where I have burnt myself numerous times trying to wrap my hair around and getting at awkward angles with it and just giving up. The best thing about the AIRWRAP is you just hold the tool and the air wraps around automatically without you having to place it on the barrel. PRETTY GENIUS really but then all DYSON products are.. ‘jus sayin’….

I will be expanding on why I LOVE this product so much in a video I am going to be filming for my channel in the next few days so you can see the product in action, like a mini tutorial so if you have purchase one yourself I can show you how to use it.. I was taught by the best last night ‘LARRY KING’ Dyson hair ambassador and celeb hairstylist so I have a few tips.

AND DON’T PANIC IF YOU THINK IT’S SOLD OUT.. At the bottom of this post you can scroll down and click the image of the AIRWRAP and it will take you directly to a webpage to purchase, its the PERFECT present to ask your hubby, boyfriend or parents to buy you for christmas…

I think you will find it HAIRMAZINGGG.. thank me later..ALSO you can shop my AQAQ suit at the bottom of this post too which I wore last night..


Catch you all soon with more tips on products I have been trying out recently..


Amy x

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