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Amy Neville

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway

12 November 2018 3m

You may have seen my last post below on the GRAM on ‘why what you are wearing IS important’.

As you are probably all already quite aware (hence the FASHIONDIARIES) I am slightly obsessed with clothes, I have been from the moment I could tell my Mum when I was a young girl what I wanted to be dressed in. My FAVE birthday gift when I was younger was a designer label outfit which I lived in religiously.. I was never in to toys growing up just CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES. My Mum was constantly saying to me when I was going to school that ‘ITS NOT A FASHION PARADE AMY’ as I was always trying to adapt my school uniform in some way so that it was different to everyone else’s.

I believe what you are wearing IS important and peoples perception of you definitely changes because of what you are WEARING. I have been dressed in gym wear and gone in to HIGH END CLOTHING DEPARTMENTS/BOUTIQUES and not been taken seriously because of my outfit, gone in two days later in a more sophisticated ‘FASHION’ style outfit and the shop assistants can’t do enough for you (I always think of that moment in ‘Pretty Woman’ when this happens) that moment when she goes in the store and they don’t think she can afford anything because of her outfit and then she goes back in with all her shopping… it is sad really how people do judge others because of their appearance but I also believe we are all guilty of doing it. I LOVE the quote ‘STYLE IS A WAY TO SAY WHO YOU ARE WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEAK’

The FASHIONDIARIES came about because of my LOVE for clothes but also because I wanted to share with GALS that STYLE and DRESSING LIKE A FASHIONISTA doesn’t have to be expensive. I remember moving to LONDON about 10 years ago now and not having any spare money to buy clothes and I found this so hard as I am a fashionista and STYLE AND IMAGE is important to me so I would shop in charity shops and second hand stores so I could still dress ‘stylish and cool’ I lived in PRIMARK too and was constantly getting compliments on my outfits, probably more so than when I have recently worn high end designer pieces. Money can NOT buy style, I do truly believe that. If you have style you can do it on ANY budget. There are so many ways out there to buy discounted clothing- good high street brands and online clothing brands (pretty little thing, I saw it first, Missy Empire, New look) to name a few, you can buy designer inspired clothing on a small budget which is what all us girls want and then you can SAVE or be treated for Birthday’s, Christmas presents to the more expensive accessories like a DESIGNER BAG OR SHOES.

My KEY to styling well is ideally accessorising with a DESIGNER HANDBAG and SHOES BUT don’t worry if you can’t afford DESIGNER as there are always ‘designer inspired items’ online OR ZARA is one of my faves for this, they just get it right everytime and the quality is always fab! I think accessories should be the main part of your outfit, you can be wearing basics like jeans and a white tee and then you add a nice YSL bag, biker boots and a leather jacket and you have a pretty cool outfit. I have never been in to spending a lot of money on clothing but the pieces I always do if I can are ‘COATS AND JACKETS’ and ‘SHOES AND BAGS’ everything else I shop mainly on the HIGH STREET for.

I have added a few HIGH STREET faves below for you all which are PERFECT for the AW months which I hope you are all going to LOVE. I am also going to be sharing WEEKLY videos from ma crib/dressing room on my channel “amynevfashiondiaries’ so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with them all.



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