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Amy Neville

Where to shop pre-loved and second-hand designer items

2 September 2019 4m

It’s been a while since I have done a blog post for you all, I apologise, I have been super manic moving in to my new house which I finally purchased as well as travelling 24-7 and as always it’s been another busy month of shoots.

This is a subject I have been wanting to share with you all for a while now and I haven’t had the chance to get round to it until now, sooo the thing is ‘where do you shop pre loved designer’ is a question I am asked daily especially via my direct messages on Instagram.

I am super savvy when it comes to shopping for DESIGNER items, I always feel if you buy them brand new they lose their value instantly and you can find so many designer shoes, bags online a lot of the time unworn for almost half the original R.R.P.

I wanted to share with you all a few new places I have found online recently for purchasing DESIGNER items, a few I have come across recently are the below;

MOONSTONE VINTAGE LA (shop via their instagram page, link in bio) @moonstonevintagela






I have recently ordered bits from all of these sites and I can’t recommend them enough. I got a super cute vintage chanel bag from MOONSTONE VINTAGE LA who I have followed on Instagram for over a year their pricing and quality is just amazing.


MOONSTONE VINTAGE I purchased via their Instagram link as they sell through ETSY and they have sooo many amazing vintage Chanel and Dior, I can’t stop buying! Remember if your buying vintage it ‘s more unique, so not every girl is going to have the same designer bag as you thats why I love buying vintage rather than brand new season.


NEW VINTAGE HANDBAGS do personalised designer handbags so I had the below Louis Vuitton Holdall personalised with my initials, ever since I started my FASHIONDIARIES I have loved personalisation on my items. I have recently done a competition with this brand too for one of you to WIN your own bag just like the below, check it out on my grid @amynevfashiondiaries. I am going to be announcing the winner this evening so if you haven’t already entered, there is only a few hours left to do so.


HARDLY EVER WORN IT I just got an insane BURBERRY TRENCH COAT for £500 originally £1250 brand new BUT it is brand new it was unworn and arrived in perfect condition, I couldn’t be happier with it. The delivery was super quick too I highly recommend them and you will get lost on their website, they have everything from jewellery, watches, shoes, handbags etc.

LOVE LUXE STORE are amazing for shoes I have just ordered 3 pairs of Louboutin heels ready for London Fashion week & I have purchased so many brand new ones in the past and after two wears you may as well have got a secondhand pair so I definitely recommend them for buying designer shoes.

KEEP THE LABEL I just ordered a new YSL bag (see below) to add to my YSL collection and it arrived in the box with tags, like brand new for a fraction of the price, I am going be treating myself to lots more from this site too the prices are amazing for pre-loved designer and it arrives within a couple of days so the delivery is super quick.


If your not in to shopping online then I highly recommend designer outlets, I am UK based and you CAN NOT beat BICESTER VILLAGE they genuinely have everything and the prices are just amazing, my fave stores to shop at the VILLAGE are YSL, PRADA, GUCCI & CELINE. I have travelled worldwide to designer outlets though- especially America- New York and Orlando are fab for this!

On another note my next post and video is going to be BEHIND THE SCENES shopping designer in luxury stores and how the customer service is and how you are treated you dependent on what you are wearing etc. I had an unpleasant experience while in Harrods this weekend with the staff at a few different counters being rude, not even giving me the time of day and walking off to serve others because I wasn’t super dressed up, I shared this topic on my Instagram feed and I was overwhelmed with how many of you can relate so look out for my video soon. I am going to be going in dressed in gym wear and then in heels, hair done etc and I can’t wait to show you all the response.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and speak to you all soon

Big love

A x

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