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Amy Neville

With love from Italia

28 June 2018 5m 30s

Writing to you babes from the sky, it still amazes me how you can get wifi in the air! I am so thankful for it as it allows me to carry on working while flying round the world (no resting here)..

I am currently heading back home to London after a few weeks away. I have been in Ibiza with my gals shooting and partying for a week (yass you can do both, with a little extra photoshop) MARBELLA with the fam for a few days VACAY and then the fun began with my amazing GUESS FAMILY which I feel super honoured to be part of!

Whilst I was in Ibiza I shot some pieces for I SAW IT FIRST which is now on 100 billboards all over London (underground) and up north… holla if you see it I know a few of you already have, the image used was actually taken after only 3 hours sleep on a hangover.. just had to throw that in there! Weird but I am actually a better model on a hangover, don’t have a clue why, I go in to some kinda overdrive, plus shooting in the sun helps! Vitamin D and all that…

image1 4

WELL… onto my Italian trip with the GUESS GANG, just one word...MAGICAL! I arrived to the beautiful villa on Lake Como with the other girls and for the first time on a trip I felt rather overwhelmed and slightly emotional with the place. Of all the countries I have been lucky enough to visit with my job this was by far my favourite (yes even over the MALDIVES)! Sometimes I feel you just connect with a place and it was everything I had imagined and more. IF and WHEN I do get married.. LAKE COMO.. it is! Just so you all know my plan for the FASHIONDIARIES style wedding one day.

I always find with brand trips you end up meeting some amazing girls, I met @angelicablick another blondie and blogger from sweden with over 1mil on the GRAM! GO GIRLLLL! She’s such a babe, normal down to earth and super funky with her style! Definitely someone I will be keeping in touch with and also @iamamyjackson who is another english girl, super fun with a wild side, kinda like myself and just INSANELY BEAUTIFUL (major GIRL CRUSHING) and then of course MA GAL (one of ma besties) @freddy!

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

The GUESS PARTY was in a beautiful setting by the lake with the fashion show taking place after dinner. I went a bit GLAM with this MARCIANO black lace net dress, the ONLY downside about LAKE COMO and I can hardly fault it was the wind in the evening, my hair went from being super curly and glam to basically looking like I had been pulled through a bush backwards… you can only laugh! At least the pictures were at the start of the evening. After watching the show there are some beautiful new pieces coming in the next few collections, especially the MARCIANO range which is my FAVE! Hopefully I will be sharing lots of these here on the FASHIONDIARIES for you all in a few months.

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

I am always so grateful to the GRAM (GOTTA SHOW THE LOVE FOR THE GRAM) for changing my whole career, it is a super amazing way to link with brands and ‘be seen’ especially for creatives- models, photographers, bloggers, make-up artists, actresses etc. I remember when I was back working as an estate agent 9 years ago and my boss at the time actually first told me about Instagram when it is was such a new app and 9 years later I am being flown round the world with GUESS sat at dinner next to Paul Marciano! I always knew I would never give up with what I believed I was capable of within in the industry, despite numerous knockbacks, I am probably one of the most persistent people you will meet (in a good way) and it shows that it works! You just have to keep throwing mud at that wall babes and eventually it will stick as they say!

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

I never take for granted what I do for a living, some people may say I go on 2 holidays a month and just dress up and get to look good all the time.. rest assured its everything but. YES it is amazing travelling the world with brands and modelling but it is also just work too.. when I wake up in the morning I don’t look quite so ‘MODEL’ like you all may think.. I get breakouts, tired, just want to sit around eating dominoes in my PJ’S! It’s a job thats a million miles an hour you can never switch off so for anyone that has ever said it’s easy, think again!

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

Anyway Im only 20 mins from landing so I better finish up.. I am going to be back in London for two weeks before I am off again to Benicassim festival with NASTY GAL (super excited) and then to crete with my bestie SCOTTYYYY! You will be able to catch it all on the GRAM, my stories and I will update you on here too! Can’t wait to share my festival outfits soon, I have quite a few different ones coming up so I will be sure to share my FESTIVAL STYLES with you all!

Catch ya all soon and DM/email me anytime



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